Hesburgh and Joyce sit at a table with a large 3D model of campus and its buildings. An illustrated map of campus is on the wall behind them. Father Joyce gestures at the model of the library.
Hesburgh and Joyce Planning (ND Archives)


We look forward to hearing your perspective during the Advisory Council Listening Session on Friday morning.

The goals for the listening session are (1) to understand your perspectives as we look at strategic challenges facing Notre Dame and (2) to be better equipped to interpret strategic challenges in light of Notre Dame’s values and mission.

We will discuss four specific challenges - each corresponding to a goal in the University's new strategic framework. Please review the four challenges ahead of the listening session, consider the guiding questions, and come ready to join in the discussion. If you cannot attend the listening session, or wish to provide your perspective ahead of the meeting, please use this form to do so.

The Advisory Council Listening Session will be a 75 minute discussion facilitated by Dr. Meghan Sullivan, the Wilsey Family Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. Her research focuses on time, rational planning and the good life, and she is passionate about making Notre Dame a destination for tackling major ethical questions and bringing top minds into deeper engagement with Catholic thought.